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The art of the human touch means more to me.

I’ve suffered pain live with the scars both physically n mentally etched in to my mind. 

Ive walked long n lonely corridors in my mind too in busy psych units pacing day in day out try understand why I felt lost n try plot my escapes out. 

Slamming doors, screams too pierce inside so to do the screams my inner child when I’m stuck in a freeze frame moment of my past, too when I’m hurting n in pain overcoming obstacles that try knock me off balance n want scream n shout n vent say someone please give me a break I don’t want to live a life were feel its a fight day in n out. 


Im my bf now somedays i feel am my only friend but that’s part off Me that’s usually having fire my belly n spur me on the survival part, there’s days I feel fulfilled content new friends n loves. 


Their are days I struggle on those days I actually don’t want told go to gp,crisis,a n e I know that n know that drill I’ve the own lived experience n too done that MH first aid training. 

Dont tell me use coping n distraction techniques I too have that n grounding n stay in the moment had that too programmed in me n I know complex the complexities off Katie I know too well is tell someone distraction n coping prompts just cop outs. 

When I share my upset, anger, pain I don’t want sympathy nor empathy, or advice I just want someone to listen the human touch been their, coffee n a chat a hug be their whilst I let my anger out but then when I collapse to a heap be their n hold me as that’s when I’m letting the tears of hurt out, be friend, dnt judge me nor expect me change link give respect n expect too I  give my heart to my friends so dnt break it. 

The human touch of friendship. love, kindness,encouragement n support knowing someone cared n not alone are what I felt needed the desire n lack of led me dwn my path if I’m stumbling is prob feel need these things in upset, anger ,crisis this is all need not gp,s meds, nor crisis n a n e nor therapy sometimes all I need is the human touch I think times were out of touch with that the human touch the art of listening,understanding,kindness,warmth, friendships n the art of that can go a long long way

The art of the human touch is needed more x

2 thoughts on “The art of the human touch means more to me.

  1. I can relate to what you say Katie. In times of crisis all I think is best is someone to be there and nothing else. Not to judge, try make things better, solve it, or any kind of action. Often I don’t think that is easy for others.

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