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What’s to forgive I did no wrong, nor I Special or Mentally Unwell.

Recovery is all about Forgiveness, Forgive myself for what. Life Dealt me a tough hand am I too forgive Life why it not Life’s Fault another persons actions. It’s not Life’s Fault either Marybeth wasn’t to stay just meant for me to feel her an me be her Mum Is it lives fault for how it made me react or need find and heal myself or even find ways understand come to terms with accept the journey 4 what it means to me some good some not so good do I need Forgive myself for that no I need be my bf which am kind, compassionate, sometimes critical my anger can be a help/hinderance but that anger is what fuels me n me challenge me no longer a victim,service user just Katie Siobhan who strives be all can be. forgiveness who’s their to forgive not me, not society or life, Forgiveness is a term I don’t adhere to the ID or Ego and it’s conflicts n superiority or special been afflicted and illness a gift Im not unwell nor was nor do my experience make me special or need forgive myself for as none of that adheres to me nor ever will. I recently too went to a meeting discuss forgiveness theirs one person I would say unforgivable the person who stole my life by their actions that’s all no one else. But to forgive me, or anything else is not just service to me. Me be my best friend my own champion yes learn to move away from, be caring n compassionate to myself n appreciate the good I have whilst have as after all life changes day by day. Learn to  laugh, smile,cry, challenge myself more n face n overcome life’s changes n been angry at life society n change weres it get me nowhere so my anger has a name the one that’s the fire in my belly that’s my spirit,the fire the drive n me strive be all can be n day by day will get their but will get their on not forgiving myself or life but caring 4 me n been compassionate been my friend as falling out with myself n need forgive myself not really good way look at 4 me but just been nice to Katie then that’s all i need.

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