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What’s behind a name ?

I let out my thoughts, my feelings my vents through feelings. Today I vent n let out my frustrations regarding the choosing of my child’s name and surname. 

To me when choosing names is due to meaning or personal because u want your child be aspire be like someone a mark of respect a loved one passed on who you hold dear or still in your life n feel honoured n mark of respect n admiration n look up to pass on. 

As picking mso child’s name hearing not sure like, is a powerful name or last member of family with name n referred to when asked name he last of not the ethos I want behind his name. 

I want n his first name which me n daddy picked be something new but represents part me n daddy too our passions n so frm me his name covers Irish origins n daddy a like of his, his middle name linked to a relative an surname will be a dble barreled Surname one incorporating a great man to me like my dad n hero my grandad n the second part surname because my child to will look up to n have one man be his hero n his best friend his daddy. I want my child’s name to be special have meaning n personal flair n be out of love, admiration n inspirations in life. 


When I share name n announce it is because means something personal and dear, I think some see my child’s name as something of power, n like ownership n my child something I don’t want have his name linked to that sense of meaning n like a trophy statement. 

For like the values I want him have in life I too want him encompass grow up be abt love, friendship, growth, fun, nurturing,n shape be n encourage be who he want be n he be a loving friendly, cheeky, happy character n to follow his dreams or people I n daddy n he to will look up too. 

I don’t want his influences be abt power, ownership, thinking ok judge or make statements or frown on others or about money driven or think ok talk down on others as I don’t want anyone do that to him n their dont do others. 

For instance I’ve recentley amended my name I’m legally Katie now not Kathryn I changed the use of kathryn n was hard as losing part my Irish origin but because neg exp had it meant I had amend to heal n Ann I added as my middle name n daughters n mums middle name n Surname I wanted something new but to keep part of me but proud of n that why my old middle name my surname as encompasses n captures love 4 my Irish roots n too roots I set on my journey of finding me.

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