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Retaking on the challenge of empowering Services. – Answers 4 Tim

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged but I’m at a point in my Journey it’s time I re- took up the challenge of empowering services specifically Mental Health Services and I owe it to my best friend and my big brother Tim whose sadly no longer here who sadly passed away whose one year anniversary of passing is coming up in the next few days and is someone who like me was sadly failed by services and I owe it to him an his memory too take a stance and to ensure no more lives are lost and no more families are left feeling like mine have it’s time to say enough is enough.

My brother sadly won’t be the last to loss their live to failings in services and hopefully his inquest will look at the circumstances of his death and look at the last 2 1/2 years of his life and look at were failings were made an were recommendations could be made but for that to happen we’ve to be granted article 2 and disclosure it’s something that I pray is granted as if it is the circumstances will highlight missed opportunities for assessment and diagnosis, missed opportunities for services to work together to support a vulnerable adult with substance misuse and mental health needs to regain control of their lives something they struggled to do and thought to do but wasn’t given the helping hand needed who services passed from pillar to post because services didn’t have the time of day for him and turned to deaf ears when he asked for help and faced stigma from services when went and asked for an in the end probably was left feeling why do I ask for help and probably learned that it’s not ok to ask for help and wasn’t worthy of help and it is that attitude that needs to change,

The person that was passed around to you may have been nobody another number you didn’t want on your case load another person you could slap with the label of disengaging an unrecoverable didn’t tick the recovery model box an could just keep sliding him down the conveyer belt till he slowly dropped of sadly he didn’t drop off your caseloads he sadly died he died and that person that died was someone’s son, someone’s sibling, someone’s uncle someone who was fighting for their live, fighting for a shot at ticking your recovery box someone who wanted their lives back, to be free from mental health problems, to be free of substance misuse, to have a stable home, a stable job be it paid or voluntary, to not have to worry about money, to have routine, to be given a chance to not just recover but regain control to be themselves again to be Timothy again a person. Something that services say they are working towards seeing the individual as a person.

So for that person Timothy my brother and him finally be seen as a person my family will fight for the answers for him to why he was failed and alongside with my mum an my family we will empower the services that did and we do it because no life should be lost and that those that failed Tim can learn to prevent deaths like Tims and for services to change.

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