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Listen on World Suicide Prevention Day

This weekend Marks World Suicide Prevention Day, Mental Health Campaigner’s, Supporters, Activists, People affected by, People who’ve lost loved ones to Suicide, Unite Come out in Force, Discuss, Debate, Tweet more needs to be done. I too have in the past come in force spoke out, campaigned more needs be done but never did I think I’d lose a loved one to Suicide. People sometimes say people who take their own lives intend to do, or are selfish. My loved one was neither he was lost, he did reach out and ask for help those who were supposed to be their in time of crisis turned him away an that’s something I struggle to accept people come out tell people what do to prevent suicide but the key ingredient of people actually listening to what people say is been missed on World Suicide Prevention Day, Listening is what needs to be done more not just on World Suicide Prevention Day but everyday when supporting someone at Crisis. I should have listened to my loved one more, answered my phone the night before, I should have listened more when we spoke during the week I’d have not just heard the words I’d have heard the pain an fear in his voice but I missed that because I didn’t listen. On reflection my own heart now tells me what I missed and that’s something I know have to live with, I wish I could turn back the clock be my loved ones shadow and voice that week and make the people listen that he tried to reach out too and ask for help, to show them the signs they were missing and to picking up things should have been observing whilst listening to my loved when reaching out, he was not sleeping, eating, drinking, felt lost, scared, panicked, not able get to places familiar to him, was obsessing about finances, benefits be made homeless again, wanted to work be human again feel valued, all these issues could have been addressed if listened to could have had his fears addressed plans an safeguards put in place, he’d have felt comforted, supported reassured an maybe slightly optimistic about his circumstances. Been listened too may have made all the difference, my loved one would still be here, still be part of the family, still be the person we’d turn too, still be the person putting smiles on our faces an our kids faces too. Losing a loved one to suicide is something too that’s hard to acknowledge an face an hear it throws you into darkness and turmoil and your life too is zapped out of you, Talking about suicide is hard too because you don’t know if people are listening, want to listen, understand and empathise the despair in and the devastation causes so hearing things like your loved one was selfish or intended do what did are not things want hear, unhelpful and less likely turn too for help or chat too if need and then to leaves us vulnerable just as our loved ones who are sadly no longer here. Talking about Suicide is not an easy thing but if do please do listen, if reading posts about an wanting understand more about please take not listen to what the person has took time out to write as it may just make a little bit of a difference but lead to a big impact and prevent someone from losing their life to suicide

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