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Every giant will fall

Me an my mum we are only 2 people we are small on the grand scales of things, my brother Tim was probably seen as small an insignificant on grand scales of things an probably why is us knocking on gp doors, NHS doors, social care doors an not standing back when coroner is not swaying towards us the family in our fight for answers for Tim, Last Thursday night I was temporarily broken I thought our fight for article 2 had been blown out of the water in relation to the Judicial review, I know I can’t pray God to directly grant that because when dosent I get pissed at him and I throw him an his guidebook out the window and plus the NHS an social care are the giants I must face an overcome an I can use the gifts he has given me I have a passion a desire the heart to continually fight to challenge to battle through the face of adversity, I have a voice that no longer afraid use an I will vocalise I will ask, I will challlenge an I will say how it is the services entrusted with my brother’s care fucked him over they ignored his cries for helps they pushed him in away off his mountain and I know will fight to ask why, and what will they do prevent from happening again for I can’t bring Tim back but for him his memory I will fight to save lives of people like like him and if can make changes to just one person’s life then is a job well done an I can say to Tim you did it you made something good come out of something bad your memory will live on, Sadly the giants up against though are not little ones they’re big establishments, big organisations once people dont expect to fail as they have duties of care, but sadly they do fail and when do its systemic failures from great heights so on Thursday every file we’ve been sent we sat and we scrutinised every letter every word, every email an record entry into his notes an our legal team did too on Friday we had a conference call I remained calm and the tides of our storm had turned we had a battle plan we had our argument our legal team no longer advising us to drop mam used her voice too as hard as was she used her voice and on Monday signed a new statement an also, things we’d found counsel found too an on Monday papers were taken to court and so one step closer chizling away at those mountains, me an mum we are fighting back an fighting back hard we maybe only too small people but she’ watches, she’s silent she takes all in and she will pounce and me I’m her mouthy Lil henchman and bodyguard and together we’ll be a small power force that with family behind will bring down those mountains that failed Tim, also we are not alone their are many families having similar battles to us whom are too been courageous in face of adversity an our loved ones will be proud as we remind those that failed they were someone’s loved one, someone’s child, someone’s sibling an mattered an together we will all be a force the mountain that is systemic failing it’s walls will crumble, they will come down we will get answers we will get justice because we are not small anymore we are not people who can be brushed away are loved ones death will not be brushed under any carpet an in years to come we will make a difference on Twitter I have come across so remarkable people and forces be reckoned with and I hope am I pray that their will be #answers 4 Tim, Justice for Oliver, Justice for LB, Justice for Richard Handley, Justice for Elsie, Justice for Robbie, Justice for Ben Condon and Justice for Josephine Ocloo’s daughter I beleieve in our Seperate campaigns together though we will for our loved ones bring about great change, our pain an grieve will move mountains our loved ones memories will in years to come prevent further deaths some of us are only starting out, others further on in our quests but we will be conquers because we dare stand up and fight my love to you all and together let’s move mountains and expose the corrupt systems Failing lives x x x x

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